Car Dealer Fraud

Feferman, Warren & Mattison sues car dealers for defrauding consumers. We may represent consumers when:
  • You buy a vehicle that was wrecked before your purchase, but the car dealer did not tell you the vehicle was wrecked
  • The dealer sells you a vehicle with a branded title (for example, a “salvage” title or “not actual miles” title), or fails to get you a title altogether
  • The dealer misrepresents the mileage on the vehicle to you
  • The dealer fails to tell you that your vehicle was used as a daily rental
  • The dealer sells you a “new” vehicle that is really a “used” vehicle
  • The dealer falsifies your credit application to put you into a car you can’t afford
  • The dealer or finance company breaks the law when a car is repossessed, including breaching the peace or failing to provide the legally required notice
  • You have mechanical problems with a used vehicle purchased in New Mexico within the first 15 days of your purchase, and the dealer refuses to repair or accept return of the vehicle
  • You buy a vehicle and give a cash down payment or trade in vehicle and the dealer later tells you that your financing did not go through and you must return the vehicle, but the dealer refuses to return your trade in vehicle or cash down payment
  • Any other material misrepresentation or failure to tell you some material fact about the vehicle you are buying